Introducing Kacky Muse Music

Kacky Muse is the character I have created who interacts with children and their families to teach them music.  In each session, we transition into our music space with three deep breaths of inspiration.  The first deep breath of inspiration is for ourselves.   The second is for all the people we know, and the third is for all the people we don’t know, all over the planet.

Once we are in our musical space, we warm-up our voices, do a rhythmic chant, develop finger strength and flexibility with a finger-play, and sing a song.  Each session celebrates a theme.  It may be a seasonal theme, a theme about identity, a special occasion or an everyday event.

During each session, your child works with a musical instrument and special Music Reading Readiness symbols.  From the first simple instruments, Rhythm Sticks, Triangles, Xylophones and more, all the way to Piano, Violin, and Guitar, your child is empowered to make musical decisions by using Composing Cards with the Music Reading Readiness symbols on them.  Your child develops coordination, visual tracking, and, or course, has the fun of playing original musical patterns.

Because the Composing Cards and Musical Pattern Books are so easy to use, you and your child may continue to enjoy them in your home.  They are very engaging over and over again as your child creates new musical patterns each time. (

(Note: There are developmental stages where the child will create the same patterns until that stage is satisfied before exploring new musical combinations.)


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