Programming for Summer

Planning for my Summer Program during the damp and cold.

Lining up places to take children during for Field Trips.   These are the places I was introduced to during Master Naturalist Interning.  LLELA  – outdoor learning center, Crosstimbers Park, Lake Ray Roberts.

My volunteer work puts me in touch with the calm and smells of earth and prairie grasses as we collect seeds.

In the afternoons during the heat, we will be indoors, learning to play piano, violin, guitar, learning to draw, paint, craft, sew,  and for short periods outside observing nature and gardening.


Camp Tonkawa

Today, I had the opportunity to join April Holtzman in North Texas at Camp Tonkawa for a one-day workshop on “The Changing Seasons”.

I prepared my Finger-play, “Trees and Leaves” and taught it.  I also composed a song about solutions to Hypothermia, one of the topics at the camp, and sang it.

It was so pretty, even though it was cold.  There was a wood fire burning the whole time.  My scarf and coat and clothes smell so good!