Tastes of India – Spices and Scales

Today, on my way to teach in Kacky Muse costume, I visited the India Bazaar in Irving, where I have a frequent buyer card.  I had to replenish my stock of Indian pickle.  I learned to really love Indian pickle when I was teaching music for a pre-school in the area and paid for and ate the children’s Indian lunch twice a week (Aloo Paretha on Tuesdays and Mini-Idly on Thursdays).  I have continued to eat a small jar of mango pickle and a small jar of either lemon or lime pickle about every two months.

Even though I eat a lot of hot Mexican food here in Texas, I have found as much as I enjoy it, (and I enjoy it a lot! –  especially Hererra’s and Los Lupes), I have become quite fond of the spices in Indian pickle.  I had a Samosa and Kashti Kouri at Royal Sweets.

I love how my pre-schooler music students are growing up hearing more than one language.  It attunes their ear to more fine discrimination in language and pronunciation.  The children who are also hearing Indian music at home are developing a fine ear for two different scale systems.  My violin players were able to play more advanced scales because they were hearing music based on them in their homes.  They were able to adjust their fingering earlier than students who were not yet familiar with other tonalities.

(I got the phone number from “Royal Sweets” for “Spice and Rice” where they have Wifi, but I had to go next door to “Spice and Rice” to get the key to post this.  I got a chicken samosa to eat there.  So delicious!)


Newsletter Templates

I made even better newsletters tonight using the templates, more color, better layouts. I improved the Rhythm Sticks newsletter for Level 1.1 Music Reading Readiness Kit Series.

I also created a Violin and Bow Hold newsletter. So much fun putting photos of students in them and writing the copy.

When I learn how to link the newsletters to my blog, I will do so.

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Newsletter Templates

I am so thrilled to learn how to use newsletter templates to get my ideas across better.  I created a newsletter for the first Music Reading Readiness Kit.  Using a more flexible template will allow me to communicate better.  I will post an example soon.