Drawing a Bird

I have been drawing, learning as I go.  After looking at a calendar photograph of a bird for about a month, I sat down to draw it with colored pencils.  I became engrossed in the process and had such a good time in my immersion.  Now this bird is committed to my hand (not in a bush!), and I have painted a tiny watercolor of it from memory.  I also drew it another day with a Pilot Point pen, fine point.  I am now thinking of creating it as a Zentangle.



I received a bag of lariope, (I was so excited I knew which plant that is), from an experienced Master Gardener who is no longer using them in his borders.

I planted my first nine groups of plants in a wavy line to start the border of my front lawn.  They look full and beautiful.  I am glad to have this traditional definition for my exploratory non-traditional Native Plants and Perennials (mostly) Garden.

Texas Wildscape

I received a new plant for my Texas Wildscape, Jewel of Opar.  I understand it will spread quite prolifically, so that will make it at home in my abundant wildscape.

So far, there is Turk’s Cap, Blue Salvia, Rock Rose, and Queen Anne’s Lace surrounding my Butterfly Bush, plus a few trees which have been planted by Nature.

I placed a 12 inch diameter clay pot to serve as a bird bath and watering spot onto a brick platform holding an ornamental pot holder near the back of the Wildscape.

Soon, a bench under the Butterfly Bush will join the Wildscape.  It will provide a charming, half-hidden place from which to meditate and observe.

My Musical Mind

I have been experiencing the delight of a new parent as I watch my new music creations get absorbed into the minds of my students.

I am especially delighted to see a very young child catch on to the design and presentation of a new product, in this case my Music Reading Readiness Kit for adagio and allegro.  Even though I designed the words to be different sizes, it is still an accomplishment for a very young child to make the distinction between them.

The words describe playing slowly (adagio) and fast (allegro).  The instrument for this kit, MRRK Level 1.5, is a guiro.  Sliding the striker slowly or quickly produces the sound.

Celebration Design

I have just completed a design for my yard, both front and back that celebrates Nature and Growing Things.  The front incorporates a Texas Wildscape with Native Plants that attract bees and butterflies.  The back includes raised garden beds for growing vegetables and fruit trees and berry bushes.

It is filling out as Spring and soon Summer arrives. It is so fun to watch all the perennial plants return and wait for the new plants to grow.

Garden Prep

Yesterday afternoon, I mixed some expanded shale in a new raised bed.  I also started a trellis for an area with pole beans.  I emailed with a very experienced vegetable gardener and she shared the idea of growing large-leafed vine fruits and vegetables to keep the ground cool in the summer.  So now I am thinking about starting pumpkins, melons, and maybe squash.

Master Gardener

Today was my last class for the Denton County Master Gardener program.  I have helped in four gardens for the Garden Tour and learned so much from the seasoned gardeners.  I am looking forward to doing more volunteer work to complete my internship and to sharing all the great stuff with my students.