Soil and Bugs (WOG)

I have begun my research for my After School Activity Clubs today.  The World of Gardening Club (WOG) includes soil and bugs!  We will mix a good combination of soil, compost, expanded shale and minerals to create a good garden mix.  We will also build a Compost Pile and learn my song about building it.  (Greens and Browns and Water and Air, Compost!)

I started with Good Bugs and then checked out Beneficial Insects!  Lady Bugs or Lady Beetles, Beneficial Nematodes (!), Parasitic Wasp, Preying Mantis, Thrips Predators (hopefully I can stop the Thrips before they get to my roses which are trying to come back this year).  We will look for and catch bugs and draw them for our Journals.


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  1. Check out the “Texas Bug Book”‘ by Malcolm Beck and Howard Garret– great pics and info on the bugs, natural controls, impacts, organic solutions if necessary. One of my faves!

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