Sew a Button

One of my After School Activity Clubs will teach Sewing and Cooking.

I had the opportunity to help a new friend, an adult, learn to sew on a button.  It is so automatic for me, since I had been taught how to do this as a young elementary student.  It required me thinking through how I cut the thread off the spool, thread the needle, tie a knot in the thread and the order of sewing through the holes in the button.  (We sewed on a couple of buttons with four holes.)  Then, the final act of tying it off and cutting the thread.  Another adult was fascinated by the process as well.

It feels so good to know how to do things, practical things as well as decorative things.  I am very aware of the skills which my grandparents surely had, which I don’t.  I look forward to teaching what I know as well as learning from others.


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