Dirty Hands

Some of us like to get our hands dirty.  A couple of days ago, I dug the holes in our black clay gumbo for some new plants.  Today, I brought compost to help fill the holes and I planted my “gift” Jewel of Opir.  We will see if it lives up to its reputation and spreads all over in my Texas Wildscape.  Then I planted two Nandina’s to frame a couple of purple sage plants and to cut down on the mowing.  While I was there, I added compost to an ailing Barberry.  I will prune it back this Fall.  I added compost to a reviving yellow Knock Out rose and a few more roses and grasses in the same area.  Hopefully they will come back, too.  I planted a Texas Umbrella plant in the same bed as a rugged Canna and another Texas Umbrella plant on the other side of the yard.  Then I began planting more of my wavy front line of lariope.  I was in shade up until the lariope and I ran out of compost.  I have loaded up some more.  I put some more rocks in the bottom of my refrigerator raised bed and laid out some more cardboard for new beds.


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