Neighborhood Botanical Garden

I am replacing my lawn with a Neighborhood Botanical Garden.

Up until now, I have just been saying that I am planting Native Plants.

However, during our trip aross the Southwest US, I visited the Las Angeles Botanical Garden, the Flagstaff Botanical Garden, and the Lubbock Botanical Garden.  All those climates feature Native Plants.  (The LA Garden has Australian and Madagascaren plants because their climate supports those plants as well.)

Those gardens have more natural settings for their plant collections.

As I am educating myself about what will grow in North Texas, I now consider that I am involved in a research project.  Therefore, I have some repetition in my plantings, I keep adding variety, and I accept and welcome what Nature, herself, is planting.

I have been advised to keep the natural trees that keep showing up as “canopy”, and to encourage their height.  Then, I will have room to add fruit trees as the next layer of “understory”.  Shrubs are the next layer, then legumenous plants, green manure, i.e. plants which are nitrogen rich and which will die to become compost.

I also have many flowering plants for color and variety, perennials.

© 2011 Kathryn Hardage