Little Pebbles

It has become so vital to me to combat the nonsense that is coming from every direction that I find myself truly embracing what I do.

“I work with the purest minds on the planet.
I teach music to very young children.”

I look forward to creating each new theme, consisting of a chant, a finger-play, and a song. Sometimes, I add video now.

Because I know I am addressing such pure thoughts, I want to make sure I am very clear about what I am teaching.

I want them to have vocabulary, rhythm, etc. But most of all, I want them to have a sense of who they are.

They are precious (Song:Precious Baby Girl & Boy).
They are beautiful (Song” I Am a Beautiful Child”).
They are unique (Chant: “My Person is Unique”).
They like challenges (Finger-play: My Old Year and My New Year”).

This gives me the ability to focus on what I want to see in society and lets me add my little pebbles to the collection of good things in society’s pond.

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© 2011 Kathryn Hardage