Kacky’s Travels

In August of 2011, My husband and I drove across the US from Texas to California and back.  The object of our trip was to provide transportation to his Teachers in Space training and to visit sites he had read about extensively.

For me, it was an opportunity to begin a project I had envisioned but had not yet translated into action.

My project is to travel to interesting places and to enlarge the world of very young children and their families by engaging them in an understanding of various sites.  I will use http://www.MyMusicalMind.com and my character, Kacky Muse, to engage them through music and art.

You are invited to join me on my travels.  I will post the availability of each new Theme (Chant, Fingerplay and Song) as I create them.

Kathryn Hardage
aka KackyMuse

© 2011 Kathryn Hardage


True Self, True Connections

Great friends expand consciousness.

That’s where I am today after a wonderful visit with a friend.

Each of our ideas, coming from the deep authentic self within, reaches so much farther than doing good work on a job!

We are all soulmates.

We must develop the work that comes from our soul!

Otherwise we will never connect on that level.

Our culture shows the connections we have made and these are proving to be unsatisfying all across the planet.

So we are ready for this shift in consciousness to express our authentic individuality which is truly satisfying for each of us and connects in deeply satisfying ways with others.

Wow.  Honestly enjoying our true selves!

I like it.

© 2011 Kathryn Hardage

New E-zines

I am working on an ezine template to sell my publications.  So far, there is an ezine for parents and teachers of pre-schoolers with a Theme.  Each theme consists of a chant, a finger-play, and a song.  The themes are about Self-Awareness and Family, Care for the Earth, and Celebrations.

There is also an ezine for Music Reading Readiness Kits.  Instruments featured are Percussion, Violin, Guitar, Piano.

These are appropriate for people who want to introduce the idea of music reading to very young children in a way that is consistent with their curiosity and desire for exploration, rather than routine.