Scribble-Scrabble Drawing

Last night, I needed to break for inspiration.  I began looking through my wonderful art/craft magazines.  I chose an old issue of ClothPaperScissors (May/June 2011).  There were colorful circles as part of the cover design. Apparently, that was enough!

I began messing around with colored pencils in my sketch book.  As I scribble-scrabbled back and forth, I realized I was framing a side view of a face.  I added an eyebrow, an eye and eyelashes.  I lined up an ear and added a line for a mouth.

This was fun, so I did it in more colors.  I changed the direction of my face.  I added even more colors.  Then I changed the scribble-scrabble to curved lines and played some more.  By changing the angle of the line for the mouth, I could give the face a different expression.  This was very fun!

I realized I was gaining a tiny bit of insight into how people draw portraits.  Then, as I thumbed through the rest of the magazine, I saw there was an article on beginning to draw portraits.  

I was too overwhelmed by that time, so I had to quit.  

But I will be back.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage


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