Beginning to Draw

I am a beginning artist.

In 2000, I took a beginning art workshop for classroom teachers.

It was taught by Mona Brooks, demonstrating techniques in her book, Drawing With Children.

I drew every week with the five-year-olds in our homeschool co-op.

Otherwise, I only drew for myself, and gradually I have become slightly confident.

I have been drawing birds from a book which shows five steps for drawing North American Birds.

I have drawn five of the forty-six in that book.

I am loving the opportunity to learn on my own.

Drawing anything gives a person a detailed appreciation for it.

If you want to learn another way of drawing, I recommend Zentangles.
You can google it.

Very personal, very quiet, meditative repetitious patterns of lines and shape and curves in a small doable format.

Drawing is so quiet compared to what I have done in the past – music.

It is quiet, meditative and relaxing.

And I am enjoying my quiet, persistent, consistent progress.

I can read “how to draw” books and have a little more understanding of what they mean.

I can do the exercises and find them coming more easily to my hand.

It is a quiet growing competence which I enjoy very much.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage