A New Teaching Garden Comes Together

I love it when lots of different ideas come together unexpectedly because I always want to try out everything all at once right away.

Today, when my husband started moving the garden tools into a wooden shed so he could take apart the heavy plastic one, I joined him in the yard and moved some landscape rocks into circles around three new fruit trees.  I will plant flowers under the fruit trees for the bees.

That left room to move 4 x 4’s into place to support two new beehives.  I allowed room to build a pond so the bees have access to a more attractive watering site.  I also arranged 4 x 4’s to support 2 x 4’s under the four hoops I had set up for a hoop house/greenhouse.  The 2 x 4’s will hold “grow buckets”.

Since I am converting my kitchen scraps composting to a bio-digester, I asked my husband to take the pallet composting bins apart.  I will plant elderberry bushes where the compost bins were.  There will be very (very) rich soil there since I have been composting for nine years.  I will use the pallets for raised beds and plant in-between the slats.

I will continue to fill a properly recycled refrigerator, (which had the door removed and is now on its back), with a layer of rocks, gravel, landscape cloth, compost and soil and see if it is really true that I can grow weed-free that way.  I have a nicely decorated garden fence in front of it.

I outlined a raised bed underneath the dining room window after (hopefully) containing two areas of lemon balm with more landscape rocks.

These new features join the three raised beds along the Western fence where one bed has cinder blocks for an herb wall and where I could grow espaliered fruit trees or grapevine should I so desire in the future.

The centerpiece of the yard is still the Herb Spiral my Permaculture Design Class built.

Even though it has taken a long time for everything to come together, I think with the variety of things going on, this will make a wonderful teaching garden.