Front Garden Activities

As my garden begins blooming, it is also getting a makeover.  I have added more blooming perennial shrubs.  Since I have so much pink and red with dianthus and red salvia, and Texas Sage, pink skullcap, Red Turk’s cap and even red lantana (with some yellow), I added more yellows, coreopsis, Mexican Hat, and….something else that is yellow…

My husband brought me the best present in the world, a load of mulch.  So now, many plants which have not had that benefit, will have help retaining moisture.  He unloaded half of it last night, mostly in the dark, while I spread it around.

Today, I have been pulling up plants around the developer’s required one tree in the yard.  Ours is a Redbud and it is blooming and growing so very tall.  Where I used to need plants for full sun everywhere, I now can add some plants with partial sun requirements.

I started two American Beauty-berries last year.  They are starting to put on some growth now.  They will become understory to the central Redbud tree. With our unusually cool weather, I even have pansies still blooming.  The mulch gave much needed support to the Texas Mealy Sage.  It is gorgeous!  The lavender continues expanding.  Surviving Blue Salvia is getting stronger.  I will add some more.  I ordered it again since it is the only perennial sold by the high school baseball team fund raiser and I still need to fill in some more spots.

I plan to pour a rock-like concrete path using a pair of silicone stencils, basically.  As one is drying, you fill up the next one.  By then, the first one is dry enough to release the concrete pebble formation and you can move it ahead and pour it.  I walked that path several times today, pulling and recycling the plants as mulch along the way and deciding how to create a charming meandering path.

After visiting the San Antonio botanical Garden last month and experiencing their amazing Herb Garden, I plan to create an herbal approach up the sidewalk.  The blend of scents was deliciously harmonious even for a sensitive palate.

There will be more happening in the backyard, but I will begin that tomorrow.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage


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