Help on Projects

 Sometimes I just can’t get started.

I will have an idea and know what I want to do.

So it is helpful to have someone else around.

Just for community.

I had just such a visit this weekend.

The first project got done through community.

While she visited and we talked, I weeded two garden beds.

They are now ready for mulch and more planting.

Then we took a break and baked Zucchini-Chocolate Chip Bread.

The next garden project was nailing shingles to a 4 x 4 to create a garden edging.

I provided the materials.

She played with the nail gun.

Now I have a sample.

The third project was garden stepping stones.

Since she is an engineer, she read the directions for the Sakrete.

I actually measured out the amount of water she requested.

We added more, of course, until we got the desired consistency which I remembered from helping someone else.

We poured three stepping stones in a silicone mold.

My husband reminded me to go ahead and remove it while it was still setting up.

We washed the mold, the wheelbarrow where we mixed the cement, and the trowels.

They stones have set beautifully.

I will make charming paths throughout my gardens.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage


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