Comparison and Contrast

This week we are back in town after a month in the country.

We are surrounded by all our “stuff” in a big house instead of operating out of a weekend bag and living in a small cabin.

It is an interesting comparison.

While we have been downsizing in general, this really brings the contrast to light.

We don’t need or want the “stuff”.

It is getting easier and easier to release everything.

There is no comparison to just being able to look at the clouds and the trees and soak up the peace.

The air smells good and there are Farmer’s Markets and Agricultural Extension workshops and quilt guilds and beekeepers.

I can do all the work I need to from our location there, with occasional trips to be within cell phone and internet reach.

Establishing the basics for shelter, food and water to be able to have classes, camps, retreats, and establish a certified wildlife habitat and learn more about other forest products is a good way to spend one’s time.

2013 Kathryn Hardage,