Slowing Down – Doing More


I always worked under high speed tension and got lots of things done.

So I could not understand why I could’t get a lot done when I came out to the country.

I find myself sitting around “soaking up the peace”.

Finally after a couple of days or so, I am able to slowly and gently walk myself over to do something.

I find I take my time doing it, and then I walk myself slowly back.

Now, I know I am falling into the rhythm of the place.

I can’t do anything fast as I listen to the wind through the trees and watch the leaves slowly flutter to that rhythm.

As I watch the sun-line progress across the meadow, I can’t measure things in terms of quarter hours and appointments.

I can feel the rhythm of the insect sounds and birdsong.

I can turn my head slowly to take in the layers and layers of different colors and light.

I can only work in that same rhythm.

In that way, going slowly does get things done.

I stay in rhythm with the environment.

And it is painful to change back into the harsh, fast rhythm of “accomplishment” when I come back to the city.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage