A Land of Cows and Bees

I am a second year Beekeeper.  I have learned that the bees pretty much “keep” themselves.  I have to check that the hives are healthy, but the bees take care of everything else.

 In talking to people who crew up in the country, I have found that several of their families kept a Jersey cow for the family’s milk.  Those sold the milk from their herds of Holsteins, but the family drank the richest milk.

 The phrase from the Bible, “a land of milk and honey”, has taken on a new meaning for me, in the light of how those foods are provided.  Of course, it refers to prosperity.

 How wonderful to enjoy honey from bees who do all the work.  how delicious to drink the richest milk from a cow you are raising on your land.  

And how wonderful to directly support the people who are doing this work and sharing it with the rest of us.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage