Gratitude for Artists

I am so grateful to artists.  I have had two artistic experiences today, and I am so grateful for both of them.  We attended the Picasso and Matisse Exhibit at the Kimball Museum in Ft. Worth this afternoon.  I remember seeing a different Picasso and Matisse exhibit when my two youngest children were homeschooling many years ago.  This exhibit is set up entirely differently with many paintings I have never seen before.  Seeing the paintings of these two artists along with several of their contemporaries gives a remarkably rich context.  I appreciate the historical setting as well, around the time of World War II.

As I am learning to draw and paint, I am able to be more and more appreciative of the dedication and skill of artists to convey ideas and record what they see.  Looking at color, texture, shading, composition, with my beginning awareness, is so exciting.

 My second experience occurred later in the evening when I opened The Children’s Book of Virtues, a collection of poems and stories by William J. Bennett.  The illustrations are by Michael Hague.  As I studied a row of tulips at the bottom of a page, I could see more about the shading of each blossom and the grasses and leaves at each base.  Here are my tulips.


I am so grateful for the time each of these artists has spent learning and perfecting his craft and then developing the individuality that is his signature.

As I read several artist blogs, I appreciate how the women and men each present their views, topic choices, continual observations, and uses of different media.  It is relaxing and comforting to look at these artists and to observe their processes.  But it is hard to actually do for this beginner!  It is worth learning for me, even on a slow timetable.  It is an incomparable skill to have.

I am grateful for the dedication of those whose work continually encourages me.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage


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