Redbud Compost, An Original Formula

I was able to visit Redbud Composting in Elmore City, south of Norman, OK on my way to Market Garden class.  The owner, Jose Montalvo, who is also taking the class, told me that he began his business while he was training reining horses for competition.  What to do with all that manure?

Since closing his horse business, he uses the manure from other horse farms, taking it  through his composting process, adding waste from restaurant grease traps, adding moisture and turning the long 400 foot rows with a special machine from Mid-West Bio Systems.  It takes three months to make a finished compost.  And this is high quality compost, indeed.  I got to see and feel the compost in its beginning, heat generating and finished phases on the farm.

Using the compost from this process, Jose turned an old farm with used up topsoil into a top producer of alfalfa and oats.  Worn out weed infested fields were given a deep application of compost, seeds were sown, and with only the rain as irrigation, Jose produced an outstanding crop.  The irises in his wife’s garden are gigantic and beautiful.  

He plans to start his market garden using his Redbud Compost this spring.

Gardeners who use Redbud Compost improve their soil so much that Jose is always looking for more customers.  The quality of his product improves the soil so much that gardeners do not need to add it very often!  Jose is now looking for people who are willing to use his product in their gardens and take before and after photos or to do side-by-side studies and take photos to show what is happening in their gardens and to email the photos to him.

If you would like to experience the amazing growth and quality of what healthy soil from Redbud Compost can do for your plants, I urge you to contact Jose Montalvo at  He also has a Facebook page, Redbud Compost.  He does not yet have a website.

Since I am driving back and forth to Oklahoma for six more weeks, I can help out with delivery for that period.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


New Resources

When you are ready, the new resources appear.

I have just learned a new series of steps from the Apple Computer trainers, to make my music books into podcasts.

I was not ready for this before now.

It had to become easy to make the music books, and make them available (

Listening for the next step to make the ideas in the books and their foundation for reading music more accessible has led to me to technology that is already there and in use for so many other people.

Now I am learning to use it, too.

As my overall ideas expand so they can become more useful to their intended audiences, the new resources appear to support them.

I am so very grateful.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


Choosing to Be Productive

I let myself get bogged down by mistake.  Of course it was a mistake, but then, I didn’t realize it at the time.  After my emotions got bogged down, then I had to deal with my body getting bogged down.  My projects got put on hold.  I was so grateful to realize I didn’t have to stay bogged down.

Once I realized the source of my mistake, I forgave myself.  As I relieved the emotional pressure, I began to recover physically, and then I got caught up on my projects.

I had collected the supplies to make my own liquid detergent, so I did that, which enabled me to catch up on the dishes.  I had set a moratorium on using commercial dish liquid, even the good stuff.  I still have to adjust the formula a bit, but I am liking the results, and especially the large quantities for the price and effort.

This is also allowing me to catch up on my cooking and to use the foods which I put in the freezer.  We have now had a delicious roast, grass-fed hamburgers, and a meat-loaf which I combined with some homemade kim-chi.  Nice flavor combinations.  I am continuing my canning and dehydrating adventures.

I am at the library, catching up on videos.  I don’t like to watch them at home because they use up a lot of ban width on our hotspot.

One of the sources of my inspiration is writing my blogs (  When I need a lift, I listen for ideas.  Writing them down does add inspiration to my life as  I listen for ideas from the Universe.

Reading inspirational literature generates music teaching ideas, so now I am writing those down again and posting them as fast as I can on

Getting input from knowledgeable people also helps move me forward.  I have been able to follow up on some phone conversations and email conversations.

I am rejuvenated and now I am watching my moods very carefully.  What feeds in and makes me happy gets to stay.  What creeps in and brings me down, I cam kicking out faster.

I have a duty to stay in motion in a positive direction.  That is all.  Anything which interferes with that is a waste.  I choose to be productive.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Dehydrating and Canning Apples

Today, I have begun dehydrating the first two apples of about six dozen.  Rodale’s Basic Natural Foods Cookbook says to lay the apple slices directly on the oven racks or two cover them with nylon mesh or cheese cloth.  What I have discovered is that two sliced apples fill up one parchment paper lined oven tray.







As I notice the sunlight streaming into the dining room, I am considering how to make a dehydrator using canvas stretcher and mesh.  It would certainly allow more apples to dehydrate at a time.

This activity follows canning apples over the holiday break.  I asked my husband’s cousin if she would come over and chop apples up to the point of us still remaining friends.  She chopped three tiers at about three dozen apples per tier!  I ran them through the slicer, cooked them down with a little water, put them in canning jars and added enough water to fill, then added cardamom, all-spice and cloves for a bit of apple pie influence.  A dozen quarts and seven pints of apples are now canned.







So it is time to cut up the rest of two more tiers of apples for dehydration.  I think I will need a faster method than two apples at a time.

I will let you know when apple pie is in the oven.