Dehydrating and Canning Apples

Today, I have begun dehydrating the first two apples of about six dozen.  Rodale’s Basic Natural Foods Cookbook says to lay the apple slices directly on the oven racks or two cover them with nylon mesh or cheese cloth.  What I have discovered is that two sliced apples fill up one parchment paper lined oven tray.







As I notice the sunlight streaming into the dining room, I am considering how to make a dehydrator using canvas stretcher and mesh.  It would certainly allow more apples to dehydrate at a time.

This activity follows canning apples over the holiday break.  I asked my husband’s cousin if she would come over and chop apples up to the point of us still remaining friends.  She chopped three tiers at about three dozen apples per tier!  I ran them through the slicer, cooked them down with a little water, put them in canning jars and added enough water to fill, then added cardamom, all-spice and cloves for a bit of apple pie influence.  A dozen quarts and seven pints of apples are now canned.







So it is time to cut up the rest of two more tiers of apples for dehydration.  I think I will need a faster method than two apples at a time.

I will let you know when apple pie is in the oven.


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