Choosing to Be Productive

I let myself get bogged down by mistake.  Of course it was a mistake, but then, I didn’t realize it at the time.  After my emotions got bogged down, then I had to deal with my body getting bogged down.  My projects got put on hold.  I was so grateful to realize I didn’t have to stay bogged down.

Once I realized the source of my mistake, I forgave myself.  As I relieved the emotional pressure, I began to recover physically, and then I got caught up on my projects.

I had collected the supplies to make my own liquid detergent, so I did that, which enabled me to catch up on the dishes.  I had set a moratorium on using commercial dish liquid, even the good stuff.  I still have to adjust the formula a bit, but I am liking the results, and especially the large quantities for the price and effort.

This is also allowing me to catch up on my cooking and to use the foods which I put in the freezer.  We have now had a delicious roast, grass-fed hamburgers, and a meat-loaf which I combined with some homemade kim-chi.  Nice flavor combinations.  I am continuing my canning and dehydrating adventures.

I am at the library, catching up on videos.  I don’t like to watch them at home because they use up a lot of ban width on our hotspot.

One of the sources of my inspiration is writing my blogs (  When I need a lift, I listen for ideas.  Writing them down does add inspiration to my life as  I listen for ideas from the Universe.

Reading inspirational literature generates music teaching ideas, so now I am writing those down again and posting them as fast as I can on

Getting input from knowledgeable people also helps move me forward.  I have been able to follow up on some phone conversations and email conversations.

I am rejuvenated and now I am watching my moods very carefully.  What feeds in and makes me happy gets to stay.  What creeps in and brings me down, I cam kicking out faster.

I have a duty to stay in motion in a positive direction.  That is all.  Anything which interferes with that is a waste.  I choose to be productive.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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