Redbud Compost, An Original Formula

I was able to visit Redbud Composting in Elmore City, south of Norman, OK on my way to Market Garden class.  The owner, Jose Montalvo, who is also taking the class, told me that he began his business while he was training reining horses for competition.  What to do with all that manure?

Since closing his horse business, he uses the manure from other horse farms, taking it  through his composting process, adding waste from restaurant grease traps, adding moisture and turning the long 400 foot rows with a special machine from Mid-West Bio Systems.  It takes three months to make a finished compost.  And this is high quality compost, indeed.  I got to see and feel the compost in its beginning, heat generating and finished phases on the farm.

Using the compost from this process, Jose turned an old farm with used up topsoil into a top producer of alfalfa and oats.  Worn out weed infested fields were given a deep application of compost, seeds were sown, and with only the rain as irrigation, Jose produced an outstanding crop.  The irises in his wife’s garden are gigantic and beautiful.  

He plans to start his market garden using his Redbud Compost this spring.

Gardeners who use Redbud Compost improve their soil so much that Jose is always looking for more customers.  The quality of his product improves the soil so much that gardeners do not need to add it very often!  Jose is now looking for people who are willing to use his product in their gardens and take before and after photos or to do side-by-side studies and take photos to show what is happening in their gardens and to email the photos to him.

If you would like to experience the amazing growth and quality of what healthy soil from Redbud Compost can do for your plants, I urge you to contact Jose Montalvo at  He also has a Facebook page, Redbud Compost.  He does not yet have a website.

Since I am driving back and forth to Oklahoma for six more weeks, I can help out with delivery for that period.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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