Learning to Draw is Learning to See

As I watched my on-line video lesson, it suddenly occurred to me that I was watching a concert, an artist concert.  I was able to relax and feel the magic as the colors transformed and transformed again and again.  It took the pressure off me and the feelings of panic and anxiety as I redefined the lesson as a concert, a celebration.

I am learning to draw as a result of taking Master Naturalist Certification.  I feel in love with the natural world, especially botanical subjects.  As I learned more and looked closer and closer, I wanted to learn to draw these amazing and beautiful beings and objects in Nature.

Using books, I started to learn to draw on my own.  I took lots of time figuring things out. Lots of time.

When I signed up for my first on-line class, I was so excited to see daring and painting actually happen.  But then, I felt overwhelmed and pressured by all the new information.  I had to back away because of the anxiety I was causing myself.

Now that I realize I am watching a concert by a master, I am enjoying myself.  I draw each lesson at my own pace.  I learn something new each time I watch a drawing class video.  The support from the special Facebook group is very warm.

It is really neat to see how I am looking at every day objects around me anyhow I am looking at other drawings.  I am acquiring a visual vocabulary and I am learning to look at things that I never had before.  It is a new and enriching world, learning to see by learning to draw.

If yo would like to take an on-line course, I am enjoying working through some of the classes taught by Val Webb.  Her website is http://www.TheIllustratedGarden.com.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


Think about perennials and native plants

Here are some wonderful photos of plants which will grow naturally in your yard and be beautiful.  They will attract beneficial insects and provide natural habitat for a healthy ecology.

I have several of these plants in my yard.  I have been filling it up for several years now.  Last spring we had beautiful blossoms and bee and butterfly activity.  We did not water even one drop all summer.  This fall the blooms returned and gave our yard more beautiful color.

Here is a link to plants which you can use to beautify your yard, improve the health of yourself and your neighbors with native plants, and cut down on your water bill.


© 2014 Kathryn Hardage