A Different Summer

Our summer in Missouri is different this year.  For one thing, it is now long-term.  We will not return in time for teacher training this year, nor for setting up a music lesson schedule.

We will return for Pinewood Derby season and for other activities that are offered in the big city.

But for right now, we are soaking up the peace once again as we gaze across the meadow from the deck and into the trees.

It rained enough over several days to put a little water in our wet-weather creek. We have had two clear nights with beautiful moonlight across the meadow.

Errands into town for materials to finish projects – painting the cabin we are finishing, oiling the wooden benches, parts for the outdoor cooker, propane, a trip to the Farmer’s Market – keep us busy.

I started cooking the fresh food and will be able to start canning now with the outdoor cooker functioning.  It feels good to carry our healthy snacks of veggies and fruit with us.

We condensed my outdoor kitchen on the deck so I only take one step in any direction to get what I need.  It is good to scope this out for the kitchen which we will install inside our small (12 x 20) cabin.

Our “stuff” is in small warehouses.  We find the next thing we are ready for and then bring it out to our land to use.  It is busy but peaceful.

Tonight, I made us our cups of tea to drink on the deck.  The moon is yellow tonight.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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