Multiple Cooking Projects on the Grill

Here is the list of foods on hand for me to cook after our most recent trip to the Farmer’s Market:  Stuffed Sweet Peppers,

Pecan-Raisin Bread,

Egg Salad,

Stuffed Chili Peppers,


Sausage-Turnip-Salsa Stew,




Here is how I organized my cooking day:

I listed what I had to do to prepare each dish.

Then I coordinated everything so the timing would work out and so there would be food to eat during the day.  I also organized the dishes, as we are working from a five-gallon water bottle and a portable double sink.


Here is how it worked:

  1. Hard-boil eggs (I did this in the same teapot while I was heating water for tea.  Two eggs fit in the loose tea basket, although I just add water to teabags in mugs.)
  2. Mix dry ingredients for bread.
  3. Add pickle juice, capers, and mayo to egg salad.  Eat it.
  4. Boil turnips.
  5. Prep all peppers.
  6. Add wet ingredients to bread.
  7. Put peppers and bread inn/on grill.
  8. Chop onions.
  9. Brown sausage.
  10. Mix sweet pepper stuffing.
  11. Mix chili pepper stuffing.
  12. Stuff peppers and put all on grill.
  13. Put brats on grill.
  14. Pressure can extra pints of sausage-turnip stew.  First time pressure canning on a propane burner.  Worked perfectly.  Not so loud in an outdoor kitchen.
  15. Heat milk to yogurt temperature.  Add to culture in pints.  Pt in empty cooler overnight.
  16. Compost food scraps.
  17. Wash dishes.


From 10:30 to 4:30 I stayed on track, took a break to drink a butterscotch soda, when the bread finally got done.  It took longer with the moisture from the other foods cooking,  and opening the grill several times, but it came out just right a few hours later.

The yogurt happened after dark, and the milk heated and cooled much faster in the outdoor kitchen than on a gas stove in my old house.  The yogurt was absolutely perfect this morning.


© 2014 Kathryn Hardage