Simple Energy

I am learning to cook in different ways in our outdoor kitchen.

I have discovered that the Wheat-Belly Bread recipes I bake will complete at different speeds and temperatures both under a hooded grill and in a solar oven.

Milk for yogurt heats and cools more quickly outdoors after dark.  I let it “cure” in an empty cooler overnight as directed.

Making “Crispy Nuts” (from the NOURISHING TRADITIONS cookbook) worked, although because of the moist air, I had to cook them for another day.

Future plans include trying the crispy nuts in the solar oven.

As we set up our new solar panels (we are still calculating the load before we buy the deep cycle marine batteries), we will transition from the ice chests to a refrigerator.

So that we can rely on local and pastured meat sources, we will add a freezer to the demand on our new solar energy.

Finally, we will add a garden with intensive production from enriched substrates (I am using the model developed by John Musser of for produce to grow in.

We are looking at ways to protect our garden from the local wildlife which we so enjoy watching out here, hardware cloth below the raised beds along with the weed blocking material, chicken wire around and above the beds as well.

These are our steps to simple energy.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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