More “Inspired Foods”

In my organic basket, I also received grapes. Additional to the basket, I bulk ordered blackberries and apples. In anticipation of making dehydrated apples, I purchased an apple peeler, corer, slicer. Today, I watched YouTube videos on how it works.

It works like a charm. I peeled, sliced and cored five apples to make blackberry-apple conserve. I have enough blackberries to make two batches and can them. I will make a small batch of grape-apple conserve with the grapes. With two batches using five apples and a third batch using two apples, I will still have lots and lots of apples to dehydrate.

The additional ingredients for the conserve are lemon juice (I used lime juice from the limes which were part of this weeks organic basket), local honey, nuts and raisins. Since there is a preference for dates here, I will substitute dates.

I will can in pints, with what is leftover in half-pints.

As I cook the blackberries and apples down to juice and then a thicker consistency, the bright red color of the blackberries is striking. I am also enjoying the aroma as the fruit flavors combine. It is a sensory delight.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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