Vulture Haiku(s)

I made a little line drawing of the two vultures sitting in the tops of the dead blackjack trees at the north end of our meadow.  They were there for quite a while.  These haiku resulted.

Feeling the sunlight

Buzzard stretching out his(?) wigs

Now folding them back.

(It is an amazing sight to see a buzzard stretch those large wings and turn back and forth to let the warmth of the sunlight hit them.)


Treetop sentinel

A privilege to see buzzards

So near in the trees.


Fall greens and yellow

Tree trunks becoming clearer

Seen through the forest.

(This one didn’t have anything to do with buzzards. It’s our first fall on the land so we have been watching the transition as the leaves fall and we can see further and further.)


Buzzards in the fall

Catching sunlight in tree tops

Black feathers shining.


Quietly waiting

Poised to fly gently toward prey

Black magnificence.


High in black locust

Dominant over the field

Waiting and watching.


Grooming in a tree

Black specs circling n the sky

At home, both places.


© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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