Making Turkey Soup

When I make soup, I like it to have enough of a variety of ingredients to make it a whole meal. That way when I pack it in pint jars, I have a meal that is ready to eat (MRE) whether I am eating at home on my deck overlooking the meadow in the country or sitting at my desk in town.

Since I like it to be as nutritious as possible, I make my own stock to begin. Then I can add the variety of vegetables, plus rice or pasta which gives a particular batch its individual flavor. Experimenting with seasonings adds even more variety.

My basic vegetable combination is onion, celery, garlic and carrots. I sauté them with salt and pepper and any other spices I am trying out.


For turkey soup, I start by baking an organic turkey with the spices I like. Then I debone it, saving the bones to make stock. At my husbands suggestion, I now wrap the bones up in cheesecloth so I don’t have to fish them out of the stock. I add water to fill the pot and simmer it to let the bones and water turn into stock.

This time, I added turmeric and cumin since I was looking for more of a taste of India. I will need to research this a little more; it turned out milder than I wanted. However, the turmeric acted as a wonderful natural die for the cheesecloth. After I washed it and set the color with vinegar, I ended up with some nicely textured and colored fabric for my journals!


To continue with the turkey soup, after I finish sautéing them, I add the vegetables and spices combined with the turkey in pint jars to pressure can.

Look up the time for pressure canning for your altitude at
Cook it all up now and then simply enjoy your homemade canned turkey soup during the next week.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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