P.O.P. (Peach-Onion-Pepper) Salsa

I attended a church potluck back on Labor Day at a member’s house.

I brought what I thought was an exotic tasting peach salsa, and was not really sure how it would be received.

It turns out that those folks have an appreciation for the exotic! It got eaten up and I have had a request for the recipe, so here it is.

I combined a couple of recipes off the internet and added what I had on hand.

I know the next time, it will be a different combination.

I had a case of peaches to convert in salsa, about 40 lbs.

I cut up about 6 peaches and with two candy onions and part of a jalapeño pepper per batch. It took a lot of batches.

Since I left the seeds in it, it was pretty powerful.

I cooked it all down and put it in canning jars.

It only takes five minutes in a boiling water bath canner at my altitude.
Check the National Center for Home Food Preservation for recipes and altitude safety requirements.
They even have an on-line course.

Peach Onion Pepper (P.O.P.) Salsa

Per batch, cut up about a dozen peaches.
Add two onions per batch.
Add one jalapeno pepper with or without seeds, depending on how fiery you like it.
Add 1/4 lemon juice.

I let it all cook down, then filled the pint canning jars and processed in it the water bath canner.

It is tasty straight out of the jar, with chips or meats. I think the flavor even improves when it is heated.


© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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