Add to the Flavor

In the Dallas Ft.Worth Metroplex, I am fortunate to have many different ethnic grocery stores I can go to.

I can get ceviche from the Mexican markets, along with chipotle peppers or any other kind of pepper I want to try out.

I can get fresh fish from the Asian markets, along with fish sauce and an amazing variety of soy sauces and rices and teas.

At the India markets, I can get a wonderful variety of pickled foods. My favorites so far are mango pickles and citrus pickles. I was warned by my Indian teaching colleagues that these were addictive and I should watch out for that fact. I have concluded that they are right.

I also enjoy the Indian fast food and snacks, which are custom cooked at the restaurants near the schools where I used to teach. Since the children’s lunch was “alloo paretha” or “idly” with a hot sauce and a sweet sauce, I developed a taste for those two dishes.

(Here is a link for Indian sauces made by Seeds of Change if you want to try spicing up a dish of sauteed vegetables.)

At the Korean market, I talked with a woman about how to make Kim-Chee. She helped me find the ingredients I needed. After asking how much I planned to make, (three heads of cabbage), she directed me to buy three pounds of red pepper flakes, rather than the ten or twenty pound bag!

Every once in a while something doesn’t quite work out, but usually it does, and it certainly adds enjoyment to the variety of foods and cultures I can explore.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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