Encouragement for Today

Today I am feeling a sense of encouragement over solutions to global problems.

I have read several large-scale and small-scale approaches by people who are involved in solutions.

Since I have been taking steps for myself and my family, I feel unified with the many millions who are aware and active.

Steps we have been taking in my family:

Use a “blue” five gallon bucket to catch the shower water while it warms up, (It takes about two gallons), and then use that for one flush of the toilet, by just pouring it directly into the toilet bowl instead of pulling the handle on the tank.

Learn how to can food, both Water Bath Canning and Pressure Canning, depending on the food requirements (lots of information available on the internet).  I took classes.

Shop at local Farmers Markets for food.  It supports the local economy and gives you safer and fresher food to eat.

Join a food co-op or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for the same reasons.

Start composting.  For eight years, I buried kitchen scraps in my yard, deeply enough to let them decay without causing a smell or attracting creatures.  It helps build soil fertility for when you can start a garden and recycles it instead of adding to the landfill.

Start a compost pile.  Learn how to compost.

Plant fruit trees in the yard.

Gradually change the yard to perennial plants. You can get a list of plants that are not allowed by your city.  I did not water except for a couple of times when I was helping new plants get started.  During the summer, we were gone and the yard came back into bloom in the Fall just fine.

Start a Certified Wildlife Habitat by following the guidelines from the State Park and Wildlife Commission. Even the grounds of businesses and colleges are implementing these guidelines.

Both of the above practices are supported by the state legislature.

Plant bee friendly flowering plants from an organic nursery.

I took the light rail a couple of times instead of driving.  I could take it more often.

Keep reading and become aware of the real issues from trusted grass-roots organizations in your locale.

Find Meet-Up groups that are sharing practical environmental information.

Find a group of friends to support one another as you explore the next steps.

There are more ways, but these are what I have found so far.

Then you can go even farther, once you implement simple steps like these.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


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