What is Beautiful Today?

Waking up in the country with sounds of the wind through the trees.

Remembering the stars at night and the shadow of the trees as the moon shines through them across the meadow.

Heating water for a cup of tea.

Walking back and forth between the cabin and the deck on steep ground feels good.

Starting to unload the trailer with supplies to get ready to open the kitchen on the covered deck.

Setting up the five-gallon buckets to catch rainwater.

Running errands in town, where we have phone access and internet.

Discovering a new B-B-Q joint.  They open at 11:00 and stay open until sell-out!

Getting under cover the for the rain and hail storm.

Recharging the battery for the vacuum on the inverter as we drive around.

Discovering an early childhood Literacy Fair on Saturday at the library.

Asking to be included and being given a table at the library.

A successful email of a file to the printer on the third try.

Delivering the colored paper to the printer.

Taking my “Kacky Muse” costume to the laundry to be ironed for the Literacy Fair.

Spending time at a local internet cafe with a cup of hot tea.

Heating water to mix in the camping shower.

Enjoying the garden shower while looking at the stars.

Sharing the peace…

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


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