So Much Peace

If feeling and maintaining peace within oneself is an aide to world peace, then I am having the opportunity to experience a lot of it.

This is what the entrance to our land looked like last week, the second week of April, 2015.


The healing effects of living surrounded by Nature are astounding.

I can slow down.

My husband reads to me in the evening and in the morning.

We can get the little things done, over and over again, until the bigger things are done.

There is time to think.

Living without all the conveniences is not a problem.  It is a consideration.

There are ways to take tiny steps, over and over again until the bigger steps are done.

There is no hurry.

Little things are very much appreciated.

All the necessary conveniences are nearby.

I am astounded at the levels of deeper and deeper peace.

I am so very grateful.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


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