Artist Manifestation

“Art has to be seen to fulfill the process.”  Pascal Campion

In my view, art has to be seen and produced by the artist to fulfill the process.

Once the artist is compelled to create the art, it can then be seen by others.

First it has to be seen and felt by the artist in his/her inner vision.

The steps to manifest it in a form that others can see it makes other demands of the artist.

Those steps are crucial in the artist’s development.

Then the artwork may be shared with others.

Or one other.

Or the artist may just enjoy contemplating it herself.

She may decide to share it with others, knowing that it has to withstand their opinions.

Since it is created from her own integrity, other’s opinions have no effect.

The artist’s statement is her own.

The artwork will evoke opinions.

It should.

That is another reason why art exists.

It is a creation by the artist.

And it evokes reactions, responses from others.

The response is personal to each of us.

It is the artist communicating through the art work.

The process of fulfillment takes place in each one of us.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


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