Quilts, Quilters and Quilting

Image02082014205634It is still cold enough at night in our little camping cabin to use two of the quilts I have made, since it goes down to the middle fifties or cooler in southwest Missouri.

The first homesteading skill I was eager to learn was quilting.  So in 1986, I signed up for a class at The Great American Cover-Up in Plano, TX.

I made a sampler of several blocks, plus an extra block, and loved sleeping under that quilt until it was in shreds.  I still have the one extra block to remind me of the fabric and color combinations.

This week, I attended the meeting of the Joplin, MO Quilt Guild, Town and Country quilters.  There was a pot luck lunch and then a guest speaker, Jeanne Poore of JePo Designs, from Kansas City.

Raffle tickets for both the Joplin Guild Quilt and the Grove, OK Quilt were available.  I was astounded to learn that Grove has 168 members in their guild.

During the program in Joplin, I finished hemming a printed denim skirt I had made along with a matching jacket.

My next hand work project is sewing the “vine” to the borders of my first (only?) hand-applique quilt, “Birds of a Feather”.  I began working on it this morning while my husband read aloud for our inspirational morning reading.

We are looking across our meadow on a cloudy morning after a gentle rain, listening to the many varieties of birds calling.

Sharing the peace…


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