What Has Been Planted So Far


Today, I began planting in earnest.

I used my trowel to get soil out of the circular 6 inch diameter opening provided in the 33 cubit foot bag for quart-size ceramic herb pots.

It was slow going, but I got lemon thyme, sweet marjoram, common thyme (4/4 – sorry, musical joke), rue, lime basil, purple opal basil transplanted and lined up on the floor extension in front of the covered deck.

Then my husband came over and using his utility knife, opened up the top of the bag.   It was much faster as I got brown fennel, elephant dill, and a combination of oregano and a couple of herbs without labels planted in one gallon ceramic pots along the stairs leading up to the covered deck.

Next, it was time for the five-gallon buckets I had prepared with my own soil mix of #3 Vermiculite, Coir, and Compost.  I planted sweet pea, , motherwort, spaghetti squash, three kinds of kale, yellow squash, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and then started on the peppers.

Newly planted are Cuban Roberto, Red Habanero, Pimento, Sweet Yellow Banana Peppers.

I planted Black Cherry Tomatoes and Mr. Stripey Tomatoes in self-watering buckets, once I get them set up right.

Still to come are several more varieties of tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

My husband began lining a raised bed with cardboard.

I collected four T-posts to prepare to fence in all the growing things from the newly spotted rabbits and other potentially interested wildlife.


Tomorrow, we will drill more drainage holes in more buckets to plant more of the veggies and start the fence along with its two Nite-Guard Lites to discourage interest in the garden.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


Gardening Soil Mix

IMG_1034Following directions from various organic gardening workshops, I mixed Coir (coconut fiber), Vermiculite #3, and Horse Manure Compost from Redbud Compost, LLC to create a nutritious soil mix.

I filled several five-gallon buckets with it and added rainwater from more five-gallon buckets set along the roof-line of the covered deck for the purpose of rainwater collection.

Since the rainy weather has been so accommodating, I have lots of full buckets.

Then, we attended the Master Gardener Plant Sale in Neosho, MO and bought a couple dozen plants.  The next day we drove east to Mansfield, MO for Baker’s Seed Garden Festival and bought a couple dozen more plants.

I now have a combination of veggies, herbs and flowers to transplant into my container garden.

Since my dozen buckets of soil mix are not enough for the number of transplants I have, we also drove to Joplin the next day to the organic gardening store there.  I had a choice of 2.8 cubit foot bags or one large 33 cubit foot bag.  I decided on the smaller bags so they would be easier to move.  However, my husband measured the pallet for the larger quantity, discovered it would fit, and had it forklifted into the back of our small pick-up truck.

We made it home slowly.

We made it down into the creek crossing.

We made it back up the other side of the creek crossing.

My husband faced the pick-up uphill, lowered the gate, and then tugged on the pallet of soil mix.

It moved.

He tugged some more.

It moved.

He climbed into the bed of the truck and pushed.

It moved some more.

Finally, he tugged on it some more and stepped out of the way.

It rolled off the truck to its final resting place in the middle of the path.

Today, I opened it and filled the first ceramic pot with this delicious soil mix and planted my first transplant into it, lemon thyme.

It smells wonderful.

Tomorrow, I will continue the process for many more plants.

Let the gardening begin!

Sharing the peace…

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage