What Has Been Planted So Far


Today, I began planting in earnest.

I used my trowel to get soil out of the circular 6 inch diameter opening provided in the 33 cubit foot bag for quart-size ceramic herb pots.

It was slow going, but I got lemon thyme, sweet marjoram, common thyme (4/4 – sorry, musical joke), rue, lime basil, purple opal basil transplanted and lined up on the floor extension in front of the covered deck.

Then my husband came over and using his utility knife, opened up the top of the bag.   It was much faster as I got brown fennel, elephant dill, and a combination of oregano and a couple of herbs without labels planted in one gallon ceramic pots along the stairs leading up to the covered deck.

Next, it was time for the five-gallon buckets I had prepared with my own soil mix of #3 Vermiculite, Coir, and Compost.  I planted sweet pea, , motherwort, spaghetti squash, three kinds of kale, yellow squash, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and then started on the peppers.

Newly planted are Cuban Roberto, Red Habanero, Pimento, Sweet Yellow Banana Peppers.

I planted Black Cherry Tomatoes and Mr. Stripey Tomatoes in self-watering buckets, once I get them set up right.

Still to come are several more varieties of tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

My husband began lining a raised bed with cardboard.

I collected four T-posts to prepare to fence in all the growing things from the newly spotted rabbits and other potentially interested wildlife.


Tomorrow, we will drill more drainage holes in more buckets to plant more of the veggies and start the fence along with its two Nite-Guard Lites to discourage interest in the garden.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


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  1. I started planting recently too. Normally, in North Texas we would have started long ago, but it has been raining just about daily for about 6-8 weeks, We are all mud, but I finally decided it’s now or never. I have starters of Ichiban, white eggplant, zucchini, patio tomatoes, garden basil and I also planted a variety of green and yellow beans in Earthboxes. It’s expected to rain and storm for another week, but with hope, maybe I’ll still have some veggies in 30-60 days.

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