My First 10-Stitch Coat

My First 10-Stitch Coat

Travelling across the country, I purchased lots of $1/skein yarn.  I would buy either ten or twenty skeins.  My most colorful yarn was a red-yellow-blue combination.  When I knitted it, it was too crazy.  I needed something to tone it down.  Eventually, I chose black.

I used size 13 needles with a double strand of yarn, one of the colorful skein, the other, black.

I cast on 10 stitches and knit garter stitch until the strip measured the length of my arms from wrist to wrist.  For the yoke, I cast on twenty stitches and knit the same length.  For the fronts, I knit twenty stitches half the length.

To assemble the coat, I stitched the fronts to the yoke, leaving a “comfortable” neck opening on the top.  I stitched under the arm all the way, yoke to front.

Then I began stitching the ten-stitch strips from the front, under the arm and across the yoke and under the other arm to the other front.

I did this until I reached the desired length for my coat.

I stitched around all the edges with a contrasting yarn for style.  I used Voo-Doo yarn in black.  It is whimsical with its thick and thin, fluffy and straight sections.

One more ten-stitch strip serves for the belt and has a button and yarn closure.

I used ten skeins.

I lined my coat because yarn can stretch and I want to enjoy this coat for many years.

I cut rectangles to match the parts of the coat and hemmed them.  Then I hand-sewed them to the inside of my coat.  I tacked the lining across the skirt section of the coat.

This is my first ten-stitch coat.  It was so easy to knit while we were travelling, and even in the movies, so I have made a couple more.  It is easy to add variations based on the yarn you choose, how full you want the skirt, and if you want to shape the sleeves differently.

IMG_0167 IMG_0169 IMG_0159 IMG_0158 IMG_0156


8 Responses

  1. This is just great, and seeing how well it looks on you, I’m thinking of trying it too! The edging just ‘makes’ the coat, and I love the color of the lining. Thanks for sharing this. Grins, Martha

  2. like this alot, simple, and easy, just my style! thanks for the pattern!.

  3. how do we make a copy of this great pattern, love it!

  4. love this, and looks easy enough for me. How do we make a copy of it? I want to try knitting this! thanks for the great pattern.

    • To answer your question about a pattern, I simply knitted ten-stitch strips of two commercial yarns on size thirteen needles the distance from wrist-to-wrist. After I had enough strips (about 10 skeins of the decorative yarn), I sewed them together SIDEWAYS, horizontally. That gave me to distance around my hips. I put two strips together for the shoulders. I only knitted half the distance across for the sleeves. I left a neck opening. I sewed the strips for the skirt of the coat all the way around from the back, under the sleeves, to the front. Then I crocheted around all the outside edges.

  5. I’ve read your descriptions of 10-stitch but fear I’ve missed something as I can’t visualize just yet. So, kindly clarify “I simply knitted ten-stitch strips of two commercial yarns on size thirteen needles the distance from wrist-to-wrist.” On my body, the distance from one of my wrists to the other wrist is nearly 6 feet long. And I assume “10-stitch” of 2 strands of commercial yarn held together would equal possibly 9 – 10 inches wide. Am I on the right track here? You have knitted many, many, many strips (10 skeins worth) approximately 10 inches wide and 72 inches long, which you then sew together horizontally to fit around the hips? I think I understand that much, but the top of the coat has me flummoxed by a desperate need for a diagram. Might you be able to oblige? I mean, I’m imploring you here; I’d get on my knees in supplecation but I just turned 76 and I’d never be able to rise. Again, Dearest Madame, P L E A S E ???

    • Kaye,
      So wonderful you are knitting the 10-stitich coat. My strips were about 3.5 or 4 inches wide. Yes, the fit is horizontal around the hips. The top of the coat works as follows: I left a neck opening by stitching the shoulders only about half-way across from each side. I created a smoother look by crocheting completely around the neckline. In fact, I crocheted completely around the coat, fronts and hem, and then added matching crochet around the sleeve cuffs. Let me know if that makes sense. My coat reaches from shoulders to knees.

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