Everything Fiber

This video touches on everything that makes me want to be more involved with fiber. I have fermented my first fleece for about four or five weeks last year and had it rain washed. My second fleece only fermented for about a week and has had one rain wash. I am expected a couple more this week. The third fleece is in the ferment from the second fleece at about two-three weeks now. After the second one is washed, I will take it out and let the rain wash it. This blog post shows the process.  https://mozfiberlife.wordpress.com/fsm/

An early comment is made about “clothes that last a lifetime”.  There is a photo in one of the Firefox books showing a slip an Appalachian woman wove that she wore for forty years!  The fiber shed movement in California (http://www.fibershed.com) is creating local awareness and production of wool garments.

I have just received the new spring for my “Scotch brake system” on my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.  The local group of fiber artists meets for a monthly “spin-in” and they are teaching me how to spin.  It took four different people with four different styles to help me find a rhythm that worked for me at the meeting in June.

I will learn how to card my wool soon, and then spin it, and then knit or weave it.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage


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