Apple Canning Day

Today is Apple Canning Day.

I intended to use the apple peeler-corer to make dehydrated apples, but we waited a couple of weeks after buying the canning apples and man of them are too ripe (they need to be firmer) to go through the peeler-corer.


We have one-half bushel of Jonathan #2 canning apples and one-half bushel of small Yellow Delicious apples from Murphy’s Orchard in Marionville, Missouri.

In addition to those apples, we had some large tart green apples which we canned with very seedful oranges from last weeks Bountiful Basket order.  I added about a teaspoon of honey to each jar.

Most of the Jonathan apples have been canned.  After adding about a teaspoonful of honey to one batch, I decided to up the flavor with red hots I also bought at Murphy’s Orchard.

At times, we have had two canners going, each holding seven pints.


These quantities make about four cases of pints.







We are now starting on the small Yellow Delicious apples.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage


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