The Pace of Life


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My “unsupervised” weaving trying out several different wefts.

Sitting in a waiting room, one of the clients described taking his grandmother to the movies for her birthday.  He had just offered me his seat.

Later, I went to the local coffeeshop to follow up on a recommendation for someone to help me with my bookkeeping.  The person with those skills was working there.

At the library, I was offered the opportunity to “buy” a construction vehicle to support the summer reading program.

I joined a friend who is a “member” of the local Friday night quilt “club” to go on a three-shop Quilt Shop Hop this weekend.  She drove us through the back roads.

On my way to my weaving class this evening, I will stop at the hardware store to buy a bristle brush and a resale shop to buy an old pot to melt wax to coat my first attempt at making a “hard” cheese.

At the weaving class, I will show my “unsupervised” weaving where I experimented with different weights of weft.  Perhaps, I will also get help winding a new warp for my Twill Study Group.

I am now reading my new library book.

Later, I will do a bit of housekeeping.

I have already cooked for myself for half the week, using ingredients from both a local farmer and the local Farmer’s Market.

I appreciate all the support and opportunities in my adopted small town.

I appreciate the courtesies which are extended to people who know each other and people who do not.

The pace of life suits me.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage