Weaving Study Group

Our weaving study group met in Aurora, MO at The Olive Grille.  We were able to spread out in their meeting room to share the results of our twill weaving projects.

One member brought his new eight-shaft loom on wheels to show us.

The innovative use of different threads and yarns by all the members was exciting and inspiring.

The “blanket yarn” from Joanne’s produced a really soft, luxurious touch.

Projects varied from fine threads for scarves to bigger gauge yarns for rugs.

Some patterns were distinct, some were hidden as members experimented with the same warp and different wefts.

I used a textured, light colored warp and a darker chenille for my twill and basket-weave.

Only by holding my scarf up to the light was the basket-weave visible.

The whole scarf is three yards long.

My smaller project, three cuffs, is a hound’s tooth pattern.  Hound’s tooth is my favorite so far.

I am weaving my way through the patterns I received at our Fiber Folks Guild retreat for September, 2016.  My twill and basket-weave is the fifth project from that retreat.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage


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