Canning Corn

Hurray!  I did it!

My husband cooked a bunch of corn right away to eat, but we still had plenty to can!

It takes three cobs per pint and I canned eighteen pints.

Two batches of eight pints, plus two which will become part of a canned stew.

First, my husband shucked all the corn and put it in a large box to carry out to the compost pile.






Then I cut the corn off the cobs using a new madoline.

We sterilized the lids, heated the pressure canner, packed the corn into pint jars and placed them in the canner.




Thirty minutes at pressure later, we had our finished pint jars of corn.




© 2017 Kathryn Hardage



Four in a Row Plus More

I enjoy my fiber and sewing activities with my groups so very much.

This week was such a treat.

On Tuesday, I went to Stitch Night with my knitting friends.  My husband made a chocolate cake with maraschino cherries for us to enjoy.

On Thursday night, I went to Sewing Sisters at Heavenly Notions in Granby and worked on my challenge quilt for the Newtonia Quilt Guild.

On Friday night, I completed my challenge quilt at Heavenly Notions, during part of my regular get-together at the quilt shop.

On Saturday, I met with my occasional sewing group to celebrate a member’s birthday, and I worked on my hand-quilting project.


On Sunday, I went to my Fiber Folks meeting in Joplin, for a program teaching members to knit and crochet.







This week, my husband is helping me do canning, cherries and sweet corn, separately, that is.





I am enjoying my new life practicing homesteading skills.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage