Drawing a Bird

I have been drawing, learning as I go.  After looking at a calendar photograph of a bird for about a month, I sat down to draw it with colored pencils.  I became engrossed in the process and had such a good time in my immersion.  Now this bird is committed to my hand (not in a bush!), and I have painted a tiny watercolor of it from memory.  I also drew it another day with a Pilot Point pen, fine point.  I am now thinking of creating it as a Zentangle.


Kacky Muse After-School Activity Clubs


Our most precious resource is the minds of our children.  Teaching young children to engage their minds, hands, bodies, emotions, spirit, gives them a life vocabulary of substance and meaning.

Children enjoy reading when they are read to.

Children enjoy making music, making art.

Children enjoy counting and exploring numerical relationships.

Children enjoy nature, gardening and cooking.

Children enjoy being outside and they enjoy all kinds of games.

It is important that children move and experience the real world in real time.

Kacky Muse After-school Activity Clubs gives children strength and confidence in their enjoyment of arts and Nature.