Chapter 23 of “Art and Physics “

I am not able to absorb the information in a steady flow in this book, since it introduces concepts that are so foreign to my day-to-day vocabulary.

So, I read a new chapter every so often.

I have been waiting to be able to read this latest chapter for several weeks.  During the reading of it, my mind shut down and I simply went to sleep for about ten minutes or so.  Then I was able to revive and finish the chapter.

I learned that the modern artists who portrayed subjects in various spacial and time relationships to each other were, once again, ahead of the physicists in studies of gravitational forces.

Schlain’s premise includes the prescience of artists in perceiving and expressing many of the things which scientific theories demonstrate mathematically later.

It will be a while before I can continue to the next chapter, I am sure.

If you would enjoy reading this amazing topic, the comparison between the two disciplines and their time periods of expression and exploration, here is the link for the book.  ART and PHYSICS by Leonard Schlain.

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ART AND PHYSICS by Leonard Shlain, p. 126

Comparing the innovations of Manet, Monet and Cesanne with Einstein’s special theory of relativity:

“The precognition of our three artists will become increasingly apparent as we compare the visual effects outside the train’s windows with the artist’s painterly styles.”

I have been enjoying my sporadic progress through this book.  It compares two fields of which I have only superficial knowledge, in an original way.

I appreciate the increase in my cultural and scientific vocabulary as I absorb what I can, then leave it alone, and return later, ready for more.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage