Food and Pantry Progress

Saturday, I went to the Coppell Farmer’s Market and bought sausage, hot links, bacon and chicken livers from Livestock First Farm, and also fresh greens from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.

Saturday’s food included being a volunteer to distribute Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op pick-ups and getting my organic basket plus a couple of boxes of tomatoes for salsa and a box of apples to begin anew the dehydration process.

New rule for the apples: half to eat right away, and half to put away. It turns out we all really like dehydrated apples a lot!

I also got more garlic and onions from H Mart because they have the freshest garlic, and also some ginger. At Sprout’s I got some more red lentils and Great Northern beans.

Saturday night, I cooked lentils with onion, carrots and celery. I also made a double batch of black rice from the Asian market. This morning, I started canning them with sliced hot links.

When I was ready to prepare the next batch, I counted available empty pint jars. I was down to five. That was not enough to put a second batch of lentils in the canner. We were at the point of having to eat up some of the cans of food in order to have enough to keep canning.

However, my husband’s cousin came to the rescue. She put on her Dallas Cowboy’s jersey and went to Albertson’s for canning jars. The reason for the team jersey is that the store gives a 10% discount during a televised game. She brought back four cases.

So that made the second batch possible. I cooked a double batch of barley to add to the second batch of lentils. It is in the canner right now. It will be done before time to watch PBS’s “Downton Abbey”.

The next meal I am cooking is chorizo sausage with greens and onions. There is enough seasoning in the chorizo that I don’t feel I have to add any more. It will be canned with barley to provide a complete meal in a jar.

I have also thawed the leftover brisket. I will can it with peas and carrots and either wild rice or barley.

Whatever doesn’t make it into the canner tonight will be all ready to start tomorrow.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage