Many Kinds of Pesto

I began experimenting with different kinds of herbs and different kinds of nuts when making pesto.

I found that I could substitute walnuts, pecan,s even peanuts or soy nuts instead of buying pine nuts.

Different flair? Yes.

Did it alter the experience? Yes, somewhat.

But I like it, the variety.

Now, recently, there was an herb in my co-op box. I just assumed I would make pesto with it.
And I did.

However, I was not really paying attention to which herb it was until I started chopping it up. I know, I know. I have taken Master Gardener and Master Naturalist training. I even took a class to learn to draw six culinary herbs.


But there I was, and with the first chopping, I realized that my herb was…mint.

Mint pesto?

Well, as it turns out, with a strong garlic, you still think you’re eating pesto!

I added the olive oil, garlic and parmesan, and peanuts.

This is not Italian pesto. This is Inventive pesto.

I encourage you to try any combination you might enjoy. Its worth the experiment.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage


World of Gardening

It is fun to see the different shapes in nature.   Different leaf shapes take care of plants in different ways.   The same is true of what is growing under the ground.  Roots have different shapes and help plants in different ways.   After School Gardening will look at leaf shapes and draw them.  We will collect leaves and compare them to our drawings.