Getting Ready for the Peach Festival in Weatherford, TX

I have spent the last several months preparing materials and getting training to accomplish my goal of living off my music reading readiness publications.  It has become vital to me to reach my clients directly.

After master-minding for several years with hundreds and hundreds of pre-schoolers, I now have a body of work which will enrich their lives and give them a sense of confidence, skill, and achievement with no limitations.

Although I am still a beginner, I have had excellent coaching on my Apple computer.  (Apple’s $99/year for unlimited lessons is the best custom training I have ever received.)

I have made numerous trips back and forth to my local Alphagraphics print shop, submitting files and revamping them to work.

And now, I am receiving proofs back.  I will make corrections tonight and send them back.

I am grateful and amazed at the progress that is being realized here.

On Saturday, I will be at Weatherford’s Peach Festival in the Children’s Area.
For $2, children will be able to come in the booth with my banner which reads “I have a musical mind, musical indeed”.  They will be taught how to read my Music Reading Readiness Symbols and play Rhythm Sticks, Triangle, Xylophone, Guiro, Two-Tone Block, Shaker, Rainstick, Piano, Violin, and Guitar.

The symbols are on banners which are color-coded for each instrument.  I am still hanging them in the pop-up tent which is set up in my living room.

In addition, I have six different original Music Stories, with versions for different instruments.  They are play along stories which use my music reading readiness symbols.  The books will also be for sale.

I am also connecting everything on the website, so that people can download all the materials as ebooks.

I am so thrilled to see all these baby these steps coming together.

Now, very young children, ages 3-5 and up, and their parents, will be able to enjoy the process of preparing to read music together.

“I have a musical mind, musical indeed.”
–Kacky Muse

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage


Computer Progress

After a long absence, I returned to my computer lesson today.  I had a long list of questions, two and one-half pages.  I received such excellent help that we actually got through all of them.  I have been working on my music reading products.  Along with that, I am learning how to list them on my web pages.  As I gain more confidence and figure out the most effective way to present them, it is exhilerating to find a way to reach out to more and more people.  An order is emerging in listing the products, pages and links.  It has its own quiet excitement.  It is not as exciting as developing them, but it has its’ own place in the structure of my business.  I like feeling this aspect of my business.

Forte and Piano Improvisation

I had such a delightful time this morning with my Kindergarten class.

I was introducing (or reviewing) the musical symbols for loud (forte-f) and soft (piano-p.)
We were playing drums, and after choosing sounds and playing the musical patterns, I set up an improvisation experience.

I asked all the students to keep playing “piano”, while I pointed to individuals to play “forte”.  We tried it a couple of times, and we found the magic.  Students joyfully played their “forte” improvisations when I pointed to them, and then resumed their role in the underlying layer of “piano.”

It was music, pure and simple.

© 2011 Kathryn Hardage

My Musical Mind

I have been experiencing the delight of a new parent as I watch my new music creations get absorbed into the minds of my students.

I am especially delighted to see a very young child catch on to the design and presentation of a new product, in this case my Music Reading Readiness Kit for adagio and allegro.  Even though I designed the words to be different sizes, it is still an accomplishment for a very young child to make the distinction between them.

The words describe playing slowly (adagio) and fast (allegro).  The instrument for this kit, MRRK Level 1.5, is a guiro.  Sliding the striker slowly or quickly produces the sound.

Music for Pre-School

I have been introducing the violin to my pre-schoolers.  We had learned the five steps to hold the violin.  Hold 1, Tip 2, Touch 3, Slide and glide 4, Chin in the Chinrest 5.  Today I added the bow.  Several children got to make an “alligator mouth” with their right hand and hold the thumb under the metal on the “frog” of the bow and their fingers over the top of the bowstick.  I helped them play their two starting sounds, tremolo and changing strings.

Camp Tonkawa

Today, I had the opportunity to join April Holtzman in North Texas at Camp Tonkawa for a one-day workshop on “The Changing Seasons”.

I prepared my Finger-play, “Trees and Leaves” and taught it.  I also composed a song about solutions to Hypothermia, one of the topics at the camp, and sang it.

It was so pretty, even though it was cold.  There was a wood fire burning the whole time.  My scarf and coat and clothes smell so good!

Afterschool Clubs

A tour of the Music Room includes keyboards, violins, and guitars, as well as percussion instruments, all with their own Music Reading Readiness Kits, a published series from

Art projects include drawing, painting, sculpting and crafts.

Objects from Nature in my Texas Wildscape invite children to explore them.

Seed growing and planting lets us participate in growing our own food.

An evolving curriculum based on individual learning styles for confidence and independence supports the child weekly.